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IDUNA FOG Fog Maker Available to Use in Fogging Equipment

Formulated specially to use in Professional fogging systems. 

Iduna Fog is a long-lasting and permanent product. 

It leaves long-lasting pleasant smell.

There is no risk for health to inhale the product. 

Does not cause any stickiness, dryness and lipoidosis 



  • Product Code : 31170501
  • Packaging Shape : 5 L = 5,20 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )
IDUNA FOAMER Foam Maker Available To Use in Foam Maker Equipment

Formulated to use in all brand of professional foam maker equipment. 

Provides long lasting foam. 

Iduna Foamer is compatible with foam maker equipment. 

Iduna Foamer does not cause any block in foam maker equipment 

Iduna Foamer does not contain irritant substances. 

It does not cause any stickiness after dried on skin. 

Non-allergenic and non-irritant.

  • Product Code : 31160305
  • Packaging Shape : 5 L = 5,15 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )
IDUNA BUBBLE Bubble Maker Available to use in Bubble Maker Equipment

Developed for use in every kind of professional bubble makers safely. 

Iduna Bubble does not cause any block in bubble makers. 

Iduna Bubble provides long lasting bubbles. 

Iduna Bubble does not cause any effect on the skin when the bubbles burst. It is ph balanced so does not cause any stickiness. 

  • Product Code : 31170502
  • Packaging Shape : 5 L = 5,05 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )
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IDUNA SNOW Snow Maker Product Available to use in Snow Maker Equipment

Iduna Snow is specially formulated to compatible with all snow maker equipment.

Iduna Snow produces long- lasting snow particles.

Iduna Snow does not cause any block in snow maker equipment.

Iduna Snow  does not stick to skin, pH balanced  and does not cause any skin discomfort. 


  • Product Code : 31131501
  • Packaging Shape : 5 L = 5,30 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )