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AUTO SHAMPOO Ultra Powerful Auto Shampoo


A practical washing, cleaning and brightening auto shampoo formulated for easy cleaning of every kind of vehicles and cars.

Auto Shampoo is able to protect the paint of your car and makes it brighten due to contained shiners and preservatives.   

It easily removes stuck on bugs, dirt, stains, oils and limescale.

Dosage of use is very low. 

  • Product Code : 31130203 / 31130202
  • Packaging Shape : 5 L = 5,10 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet ) / 1 L = 1,02 kg Koli ( Koli içi 20 adet )
AUTO WASH Brushless Car Wash Product

Highly efficient brushless wash foam product even during the winter months without requiring use of brush and sponge.  It saves time by effective washing quicker than the washing with brush. It is a concentrated product and features high quality foam effective even if it is used in hard waters.

Thanks to its ingredient Carnauba Wax, it makes a bright surface on the car and provides superior protection for the paint.  In addition, it makes the life of the paint longer by protecting the paint from the harmful effects of UV light.

It easily resolves the sooty dirt and mud  called as traffic layer that accumulates on the car by virtue of its specific feature to resolve the oily sludge. It features high efficiency to clean oily sludge, dried mud stains, bird droppings etc.

After rinsing,  it doesn’t  leave any residue or stain on the surface of the car and it prevents the formation of lime residues.

  • Product Code : 31132002 / 31132001
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 20,60 kg Bidon / 5 L = 5,15 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )
PIRILDA Long Driver’s Multi-Purpose Celaner

Pırılda is the best friend of long driver’s thanks to its special formulation.

 Thanks to its superior chemicals used in formulation, it easily removes oil, dirt, lime, insect stains.

 Gives perfect results in small doses.

 Extremely cost efficient 

  • Product Code : 31130901
  • Packaging Shape : 1 L = 1,02 kg Koli ( Koli içi 20 adet )