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B-CLEAN Water-Based Anti-static Oil Remover

Developed to use on all hard washable surfaces, alkali-free, anti-static effective and powerful oil, stains and dirt remover.  B-CLEAN, which is particularly ideal in cleaning of precious metal and machine parts, does not leave any substance giving rise to any unfavorable condition such as the detergent and alkalinity residues. Thus, it is no need for rinsing in recommended doses of use..

B-CLEAN does not contain any solvent formulation that is harmful to human health.  Especially, this product is healthier and  environmentally friendly, water-based product when compared to other chemicals used in cleaning of heavy oil, grease, petroleum derivatives, traffic film, heavy oil residues, carbon spots, ink etc 

It can be used safely in all kinds of painted and plastic surfaces including aluminum, copper, rubber and metal. It does not lose power when it is used even in the hardest water. It does not leave traces of lime on surfaces.

It has demisting effect efficiently on glasses where can steam up easily such as the car windows etc.

Since it is an anti-static cleaner, it avoids the risks of electric shock that may happen while cleaning the computer, electrical panels and equipment due to alkalinity.

The product is completely water based. Caustic-free. It does not contain any solvents and additives harmful to health. It  does not release any offensive odors and gases during the application. Thanks to its natural lemon extract and eucalyptus,  it leaves pleasant and  refreshing scent. There is no corrosive property. It does not contain EDTA or NTA.

  • Product Code : 31170201
  • Packaging Shape : 5 L = 5,25 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )
CARPET E-100 Halı Islatıcı ve Yağ Alıcı

Halı üzerindeki ağır kir ve yağların temizlenmesinde kullanılır.Özellikle harman yağını almada çok başarılıdır. İpliğin emişini kolaylaştırır. İlave olarak kullanılan kimyasallara ve boyanın nüfuzuna yardımcı olur. Boyanın homojen dağılmasını sağlar. Aprajı önler. Halı ve ipin durumuna göre oranlar değişebilir. Yıkadıktan sonra halıya parlaklık verir.

  • Product Code : 41150101
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 20,40 kg Bidon