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CAPASAL A Grease And Dirt Remover Hygienic Kitchen Cleaning Product

Highly qualified oil remover concentrate is a hygienic kitchen cleaning product used safely in cleaning of soft metal or stainless steel surfaces of food plants and professional kitchens, floors and ceramics. It can be used in cleaning of aluminum and surfaces of soft metals at recommended scales.

CAPASAL contains chlorine however special surfactants prevent unpleasant smell while maintaining the chlorine effect for a long time.  CAPASAL works differently rather than the other oil removers. While the known oil removers are proceed from the surface to the deep, CAPASAL first treats under the dirt then thanks to comfortable rinse feature, it resolves the oil and dirt  from bottom to top.  This feature provides an important advantage in professional food hygiene.

  • Product Code : 31120203 / 31120204 / 31120202
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 21,00 kg Bidon / 5 L = 5,25 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet ) / 0,9 L = 0,94 kg Koli ( Koli içi 20 adet
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CAPASAL 1000 Heavy grease remover cleaning product for oven and fryers in food sector.

A highly qualified cleaner used in cleaning of heavy oil on stainless steel surfaces and floors in the food plants, food factories and professional kitchens. thanks to its viscosity, it efficiently achieves oil removing by holding onto the vertical surfaces.

  • Product Code : 31120207
  • Packaging Shape : 5 L = 5,60 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )
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FRA 2000 Less Foamed Heavy Burned Grease Remover

Low foaming degreaser formulated to use in cleaning of heavy and burned oils in industrial kitchens. It  can be used safely on stainless steel surfaces of food machines with automatic cleaning  (CIP) system, ovens and heavy oil residues.

  • Product Code : 31120602 / 31120603
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 22,40 kg Bidon / 5 L = 5,60 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )
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DUNA GRILL Oven and Grill Oil Remover

A powerfull, heavy dirt and oil remover, formulized for ready to use directly on the surfaces for kitchen and food companies.

The product is effective for heavy oil ovens, grills and carbonized burned oils with attribution of heavy oil remover.

The diluated version of the product can be used for frying pans and similar surfaces.

  • Product Code : 31111839
  • Packaging Shape : 0,5 L
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MULTI CHLOR Hygienic fruit and vegetable powder washing additive product

It is a powder washing additive for hygienic washing of fruit and vegetable by means of immersion method applied in food processing plants and industrial kitchens. 

  • Product Code : 32121001
  • Packaging Shape : 6,00 kg Kova
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