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DUNA PRO LAUNDRY 100 Liquid Laundry Main Washing Detergent without Bleach.

High alkaline liquid Laundry Main Washing Detergent without Bleach specially formulized to use in industrial washing machines 

It contains lime, iron etc found in the water and binding chemicals. 

  • Product Code : 31111806
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 23,00 kg Bidon
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DUNA PRO LAUNDRY 200 Oxygen-Based Bleaching Agent

Oxygen bleaching and stain removal product specially formulated for industrial laundry applications.
A peracetic acid-based product features strong bleaching on fabric due to organic acid and strong oxidation agent. 

It is able to maintain its activity for a long time due to its stabilized formula. 
Due to its peracetic acid (peroxyacetic acid) base, it does not contain chlorine derivatives thus it is not harmful to ecological balance. 
It is ideal for beaching the white clothes, removing the stains and odours.

  • Product Code : 31111803
  • Packaging Shape : 18 L = 19,80 kg - Bidon
DUNA PRO LAUNDRY 300 Heavy Dirt, Blood Remover Alkaline Detergent

Formulated as an alkaline-featured auxiliary washing product to be used as additive for washing the white clothes get stained with residues such as intensive blood, dirt, grease etc  particularly in commercial laundry business.
It binds the minerals and lime in water used for washing. It should be used in combination with main washing detergent. 
It should not apply on cloths directly. 
It should not be applied on gentle clothes. 


  • Product Code : 31111802
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 24,60 kg Bidon
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DUNA PRO LAUNDRY 301 Oil and Stain Remover Auxiliary Detergent

An auxiliary detergent as an oil,dirt and stain remover formulated to use in washing of all textile products.
Since it does not contain alkaline agent, it makes ironing easier, ensures easy rinsing and it is cost efficient. Particularly it is used to remove the though stains on clothes. 
It is able to be used as a wool shampoo for wool and gentle clothes in washing machines as well as an additive detergent in main washing. Phosphonates or nonyl phenol type does not contain surface-actives. 

Ideally it is effective to remove the most difficult protein stains and oil, ketchup, mayonnaise etc. 

  • Product Code : 31111818
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 19,60 kg Bidon
DUNA PRO LAUNDRY 400 Liquid Laundry Softener

A softener product ideally formulated for industrial washing machines. 
It has long-lasting and charming fragrance.


  • Product Code : 31111801
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 19,60 kg -Bidon
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