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J-3000 Hygienic General Cleaning Product, Stain Removing Carpet Shampoo


Effective and soft stain remover general cleaning product and carpet shampoo that can safely be used on all washable surfaces. Used for daily cleaning, cleaning of carpets, textiles, walls, glasses, floors, and as stain remover. Can be used for cleaning of offices, bathrooms, toilets, walls, floors and furniture.  
Especially developed for current professional housekeepers’ needs.
J-3000 is an effective stain remover.  It is multi-purpose. Very economical owing to substituting several products.  Has a quite different chemical structure.  Contained stain removers constitutes a complete synergy. It is effective for stains caused by coffee, tea, oil, ball pen, ink, drawing ink, nicotine and all fresh and raw food stuff.  Especially developed for upholstery fabric and similar textile products.  Does not leave residue on surface and textile, does not fade or decolorize them and prevent dirt desorption. 
  • Product Code : 31130501 / 31130502 / 31130503
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 20,40 kg Bidon / 0,9 L = 0,92 kg Koli ( Koli içi 20 adet )
TEXGUARD EX Hygienic Carpet Cleaner available for Extraction Type Washing Machines

Spraying – Manufactured to use in vacuum washing machines. A stain remover product features controlled foam. Except for hand-woven rugs, it can be used safely in cleaning of any type of carpets, seats, upholstery fabric and textiles etc. It does not leave any residue on textile.  Residues resulting from the frequent use will remain on the surface as a fine powder thus easily such residues can be collected by a vacuum cleaner. It is effective on stains such as coffee, tea, wine, oil etc.

  • Product Code : 31150303 / 31150302
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 21,00 kg Bidon / 5 L = 5,25 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet )
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FOMAL Defoamer For Use With Cleaning Machines

For use with all all cleaning machines where unwanted foam build-up is observed. Used particularly during extraction cleaning of carpets.

Silicone based.

  • Product Code : 31150202
  • Packaging Shape : 1 L = 1,00 kg Koli ( Koli içi 20 adet )