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WC RENS Hygienic Inner Closet Cleaning Product

A professional toilet cleaning product that removes urea accumulations, lime and rust stains on internal surfaces of closets and urinals with its chemical activity. Owing to its viscous composition, it provides a more effective cleaning by adsorbing on vertical surfaces.

Does not contain hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Even if it is not rinsed, it does not leaves color or residue.

  • Product Code : 31131402
  • Packaging Shape : 1 L = 1,06 kg Koli ( Koli içi 20 adet )
DUNAX Ultra Viscous Bleach

Ultra viscous bleach is multi-purpose; it singly provides effective cleaning and hygiene in areas such as toilets, sinks, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Due to its viscosity, it maintains its effect on bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and floors by lying on surfaces for a longer time.

It can be used either directly in closets and sinks without dilution, or on ceramics and wide areas by diluting.

It is fragrant, eliminates malodors owing to its special perfume.
By spilling in sinkholes of kitchen, bathroom, it provides hygiene and prevents malodor creation.

Used for whitening white clothes, removing stains and deodorization.
It should be used for washing and pre-soaking, should not be used directly on textiles. Should only be used for white clothes.

  • Product Code : 31111901 / 31111902 / 31111903
  • Packaging Shape : 20 L = 21,00 kg Bidon /5 L = 5,25 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet ) / 1 L = 1,05 kg Koli ( Koli içi 20 adet )
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JENSEN CREAM Mineral Liquid Scouring Cream Cleaner

Cleans and brightens all washable hard surfaces without scratching. Especially used for the surfaces that are easily scratched with scouring powders. Contained minerals remove ingrained rough dirt. Removes deeply penetrated dirt with the effect of surfactants. 

  • Product Code : 41130102
  • Packaging Shape : 1 L = 1,40 kg Koli ( Koli içi 12 adet )
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JENSEN GLASS Glass Cleaning Product

A high quality professional glass and hard surface product that does not leave any trace. 

  • Product Code : 31130602 / 31130601
  • Packaging Shape : 05 L = 5,00 kg Koli ( Koli içi 4 adet ) / 0,5 L = 0,50 kg Koli ( Koli içi 12 adet )
TENOFOAM Magic Foam Ultra Dirt and Stain Removing, Hygienic Cleaning Product

Owing to its professional formula and highly adsorbing foam, Tenofoam cleans intense lime-scale, rust, soap residue, and dirt of toilet, bathroom, kitchen, armature, sanitary installation and ceramic.
Leaves a long lasting and fresh odor after cleaning.
Tenofoam does not contain hydrochloric acid, etc. disturbing acids.


  • Product Code : 31131201
  • Packaging Shape : 0,5 L = 0,565 kg Koli ( Koli içi 12 adet )
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