IDUNA , is a producer of ‘cleaning and hygene systems’, which has been established in 1959 in Denmark, succesfully continuing its functions in the World’s 28 countries today, by providing its products high quality, with its research and development laboratory, which is built up with the ultimate technology. IDUNA products are being produced in factories, in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Taiwan, China, Scotland and Turkey, under the license of IDUNA, under the control and support of experienced engineers and laboratories.
IDUNA products high quality are approved by its owned ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 documents. IDUNA, functioning in Denmark, where is a country higly sensitive to environment, is qualified for ISO 14001 ambient standarts documents, for using raw materials which are sensitive to the environment. Because of that all IDUNA products are sensitive and respectfull to the environment.
DANKİM Chemicals and Cleaning Products Co. has been established in 1996 in Izmir. Our functioning, which, before, was only importing the finished products from Denmark and presenting to the industrial market, to observe the end users tendances and market research both domesticly and internationally, is now continuing by producing the selected products in our facility in Izmir since 1998, where the ultimate technology is being used, under the IDUNA license and delivering both to domectic and international market. Our production capacity, which is 15,000 tons per year, can easily be increased by modular investments in our facility.
DANKİM Co., not only reached many of the World’s and Turkey’s regions together with its both international and national distributors but also earned a respectful place in industrial cleaning products market together with its team whom adopted producing high quality products and customer related private problem solutions, as a principle, although a short time passed fromits establishment.