"IDUNA" is a symbol of cleanliness in the legends of North. IDUNA is represented as DANKIM in Turkey with its experience and knowledge in cleaning and hygene over forty years, large product range, powered support of its laboratory and developed searching and development team.
Mainly in its product range;

High quality industrial cleaning products which serve to large usage areas such as hospitals, hotels, schools, factories, food companies, Professional and industrial kitchens, restaurants, military, rail sea and airway companies, laundries, super and hypermarkets.
Different group of products, all of 176 types cleaning and hygene products, such as laundry, kitchen, general cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, hand and body cleaning, industrial products, food hygene products, sea cleaning products, are produced with the formulas developed by IDUNA and support of Danish experts. The samples taken in each production phase are also served to the market after the approval of Danish experts.
  • Dosage Pumps: for setting dishwasher detergent and rinse aid
  • Central Cleaning Systems: needed for environmental hygene
  • Inject Cleaning Systems: needed for small environments
  • Automatic Hand Washing Systems: needed for personnel hygene
We serve permanently to our customers and distributors, in order maunt and provide the technical maintenance with full training programs of in all systems that might be needed for other requirements.